Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Weather Outside Is Frightful....

It is definitely cold outside, but we're doing great. We never lost power. We are just laying low today. Katelyn is watching the Grease show where they are trying out for the musical (we have it on DVR). Zach is playing X-BOX live. I am blogging and Tim is downloading music onto the kids' IPOD's. Tyler is playing at the neighbors.

I am hearing from other bloggers that it's very cold today in a lot of the country. Stay warm everyone!!


nikki said...

Hey! We are home and staying warm tonight too.
We drove to the west side of the state yesterday and got caught up in that nasty storm...driving was soooo scary.
I was so happy to get there (to the in-law's) in one piece!
And now we are home again and I don't plan on going ANYWHERE!!!!

tracy said...

No problem here, sitting here in shorts and tank top.....where in the country are you?

Beckyb said...

Just home "enjoying" the Super Bowl - well, the guys are, Chloe and I are just pestering them!!!

redmaryjanes said...

We are in Michigan.
I'm so jealous of you Tracy. I have a tank top on too (underneath my sweatshirt): )
We're laying low and 'enjoying' the Super Bowl. Mostly the commercials for me.
This kids' school has already announced that there is no school tomorrow.

Ella Meng said...

And I'm home now,together with my parents.
Wish you a happy day!

Ella Meng said...

Through e-mail I can get contact with your daughter,looking forward to her letter!

Alyson & Ford said...

Even in Florida (very NE part) it has been cold the past two weeks with freezing temperatures again this week (at night).
We stayed cozy watching the Superbowl last night too.
Congratulations on your TA and forever daughter. We are excited for you.

Steffie B. said...

I tried to email you last night but our computers were constantly dropping off is so darn cold I can't stand it! ;(

Headmeister said...

I say we all kill!

BTW - Shoot me an email, I have a question for ya!

Emmie said...

I don't have school again today! My mom and I are working on getting the little ones to bed soon so we can blog! Isn't this just a sick addiction!

Mommy Spice said...

Not very cold here. As a matter of fact, we could almost go in short sleeves. It's low 60's and beautiful here. Although, I am not a fan of warm weather in winter. I've said before, winter in Texas is all dependent on the cold fronts. We have one coming in on Thursday, so it will be cold again.